Jesús, son of paths

Jesus was born in Navarra (Country Bask, Spain). In 1980, he leaved his job of engineer in a car factory and started to travel and work as a freelance journalist.

From 1980 to 1998, he caried out countless journeys all over America's continent. He travelled by foot, bike, canoe ... always with the same objective in mind: "Folow the footprints of time, men and history".

In 1998, he decided to hang his boots and bagpack to settle down in the little village of
Puerto Bermudez
(peruvian amazony).

This determination made him write several books about Southamerica, journalistic chronicles, documentaries and TV shows.
Books as "Magic chronicle of Peru" (first price of Manuel Iradier literature contest, of Bask Gouvernment) reveals his passion for this geography full of cultural and social cataclisms ans contrasts.


updated in
november 2005


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The TV series "Splendour and misery of the sons of the Sun" or "Amazony Apocalipsis", show his passion for andin universe, terribly fascinating ans irrational, but above everything, an universe with no justice.

In Peru, he cooperated with the newspapers La Republica and El Sol. He has also been lecturer in cultural associations, schools, universities and radio programs.

Nowadays Humbold Shelter is managed by his founder, Jesús López de Dicastillo